About Peckham Mall

About Us

A collection of A1, A3 and Office Spaces created in the heart of Peckham High Street.

The Mall Group collection has been thoughtfully designed to cater for small or up-and-coming businesses and offers 50 mixed usage spaces in a unique and dynamic setting, across the most lively locations in London.

With the potential for retail, food and beverage, workshop or office usage, The Mall Peckham can host your small or independent business, offering a range of unit sizes which can be specifically tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Offering a large food hall section with a comfortable dining area, we are passionate about accomodating food from all over the world and encourage diversity and creativity.

Our retail spaces can be developed to meet the specifics of your business and we welcome all business ideas with openness and enthusiasm.

Depending on the needs of your business we have a space for you at The Mall Peckham!

Our Vision

The Mall Peckham is the thought concept that has originated through the knowledge and expertise of professionals who have paved their way into the business world and now wish to offer the same opportunities to small businesses in the hope that they can prosper and advance their way onto the high street.

Our mission is to work alongside local businesses, by offering them a platform to grow their brands and develop their concepts. The aim of The Mall Group is to provide opportunities and create jobs for the local community, and wish to offer accessibility for start-up companies whom otherwise would not have the outreach capabilities that a space such as The Mall Peckham can provide.

Aimed at cutting the costs that prevent a large portion of businesses with potential from making it onto the high-street, The Mall Group offers a variety of spaces that can accommodate every usage, in a modern and luxuriously designed space set in prime location, at affordable prices.

What We Offer

Launching new retailers our design team will work with tenants to create strong and unique brand identities.

Marketing campaigns will be developed to launch each new retailer, our in-house team will support tenants with their merchandising, promotions and staff training, each unit will benefit from a bespoke fit out.

We will continue to support retailers as they develop and grow within our scheme, leading to the growth and success of the overall brand.

We will integrate, support and engage with the local community – creating jobs and opportunities.

Providing a platform for retail and new brands to develop and grow quickly and efficiently.

Food Units

Our range of food units are collectively arranged to provide a restaurant feel with a seating area to accomodate restaurant guests.

We encourage all independent or cultural ideas and welcome accomplished restaurants or start-up companies who simply have a passion for food and are looking to expand their audience.

The Food Units will range from 4m squared to 12m squared and can be specified to the nature of the tenant’s restaurant in line with The Mall Peckham’s guidelines. Tenants will be able to equip their unit to their required specifications with whichever appliances are needed.

Spaces and sizes of all our units fall within the threshold for small business rate relief, at a ratable value of less than £12,000p.a. each meaning that tenants are not required to pay any business rates.

Flexible tenancy terms range from minimum of 3 month stay up to 5 years with monthly break options.

Food unit prices start from £250pw.

Office Spaces & Work Studios

The Mall Peckham spreads over two floors, and is proud to accommodate its entire upper floor to facilitate a collection of 30 office or workshop spaces with a large outdoor area.

In line with Peckham’s creative development we encourage all working professionals across all sectors to enquire about hiring an office space at The Mall Peckham.

The Mall Peckham has worked to inspire a space which can encompass self-employed individuals or those that need an independent space to work. We welcome applicants from all industries whether creative; artistic; financial, we have an office  space for you.

The Mall Peckham offers the benefits of having the retail and food spaces on your doorstop, yet in a segregated space in order to provide you with peace and privacy whilst you work.

Flexible tenancy terms range from minimum of 3 month stay up to 5 years with monthly break options.

Office spaces start at £150pw.